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Why clean windows?

For obvious reasons window washing is an appearance service that should be done at least once a year. Having said that, it’s also a maintenance service that requires washing to avoid glass film damage.

Cleaning for appearance is more of the fact that having cleaned windows inside and out it’s a necessary service for any home. To be able to see clearly from inside and have the glass shining from the outside. It really gives the house a facelift.

Cleaning for maintenance is necessary for the glass to protect it’s film. It’s important to wash windows yearly especially exterior windows. Washing off dust, salts, acidic bird droppings and other debris that could potentially damage the glass permanently is necessary.

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    How to clean windows?

    Each glass requires a different method, depending on what type of glass your are washing.

    For example, each service below requires a different washing method.

    • Exterior Window Washing
    • Interior Windows Washing
    • Window Screens Washing
    • Skylights Washing
    • Patio Glass Washing
    • Post Construction Window Washing

    Exterior Windows

    Can be done in two different ways.

    Extension Pole Washing is easier, safer, and more efficient way to wash windows from the ground with an extension brush which will wash glass and frames. After the glass and frames are scrubbed the window is rinsed thoroughly and left to dry on its own. The windows will dry streak free as we use ionized water to stabilize it’s chlorine. Any stubborn (if accessible) stains will be attended closely if necessary to make sure the windows look as close as possible to perfect.

    Hand Washing is the more time consuming as it requires the use of ladders, hand washing with brush, squeegee dry, all edges and frames wiped. This method is labour intense, is less efficient and less safer but really focuses on the glass for the maximum perfect clean. Please note that due to the complex requirements as a service it is higher in price.

    Both methods mentioned above are fantastic for window washing, the only difference is that the extension brush is a thorough wash and the hand washing is more detailed oriented.

    Interior Windows

    Interior windows will be washed using the proper methods, techniques and solutions for a perfect clean. Prior to washing the window it’s important to wipe all dust off using microfibre cloths. Doing that before washing the glass will avoid the dust leaving streaks and smears when squeegeeing the glass.

    After the dust is all removed the glass is hand washed with a hand brush, warm water and glass soap to scrub the glass and finishing off the glass with a squeegee and edge wiping to leaving you with perfect windows.

    Window Screens

    The dirtier the screen, the shorter its lifespan. If you aren’t cleaning window screens fairly regularly, the screen will collect dirt, salts, dust and other debris that can start to wear out the fabric over time.

    We carefully remove each screen off the window and to take outdoor for a thorough wash on both sides with a soft brush, soap and rinsed off with water. After washing, the screens and frames are wiped dry before they are installed back on the window.


    It’s important to let the sunlight in to promote the reason why the skylight is there in the first place.

    Skylights bring natural light and a bigger sense of space to a home, and generally, they don’t require too much maintenance. With the exposure to the elements they do become dirty and won’t let in as much light.

    Accessing the roof to get to the skylight is unavoidable. We do a thorough cleaning of the skylight glass, metal frame, alongside the seals and the flashing. We also inspect the skylight close up for any broken seals or other damages to prevent leaks. Any minor repairs will be done on the spot but if any major and urgent services required will be reported to the client.

    Patio Glass

    The railings and glass panels become moldy and dirty due to the exposure of the elements. The glass will be washed on both sides, by a hand brush, soap and then rinsed thoroughly with water. The railings require more detail cleaning and need more attention but they are also washed in the process.

    At times depending on the deck surface but washing glass can create dirt around the deck area. After the glass and frames are scrubbed and rinsed on both sides, we will make sure the patio furniture and the deck surface is cleaned if necessary before we leave your property.

    Post-Construction Window Washing

    After construction, windows are often sprayed with paint, silicone, stucco and plaster debris. Post construction window cleaning requires more experience and specialized tools to provide greater attention to detail. If not experienced in construction window cleaning the risks of scratching the glass are really high so the right tools and methods need to be used to clean the glass perfectly without scratching or damaging.

    Prior to cleaning the glass all stickers are removed gently from the glass. After the stickers are removed will apply solution to any glue that’s left behind to make sure all residue is removed. All construction dust from glass and frames is wiped off to finally prepare the window for a thorough washing by hand brush, soap and squeegee. Will make sure to get in with a vacuum between all trucks to remove even the finest dust.

    If the windows are sprayed with paint, plaster, or stucco, different methods and solutions are required to be able to move the sticky material of the window without damaging it. Will provide the cleaning methods and details on our estimates if requested.

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