Moss Removal

Extend the life of your roof and have it look new again.

Why Remove Moss?

Moss is a real concern on Vancouver Island, and, if neglected, will cause damage. Moss absorbs moisture and establishes roots on roofs. The roots lift up shingles and  can lead to increased moss growth. This will eventually create leaks and cause damage to the roof.

What NOT to do when removing moss

Removing moss can be done in multiple ways, but it could seriously damage the shingles if not done right. We recommended that this service is taken care of by professionals.

No matter what you decide to do, never pressure wash the roof or use homemade chemicals to kill moss. We have seen this done before by other companies or homeowners. Besides the fact that safety is a concern, the above mentioned methods are a no-no.

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    Our moss removal methods

    Our moss removal methods are efficient and safe, with the best results guaranteed. We remove moss off the roof immediately by gently hand brushing around the shingle edges to loosen up the moss. After all the moss is brushed and loosened, we perform a thorough roof cleaning and sweeping from all areas of the roof: metal valleys, metal flashing, chimneys, fascia boards, vents, basically every edge and corner to make sure the whole roof is perfectly cleaned.

    Rest assured, any fallen debris on the property grounds will be cleaned and hauled away.

    Care & maintenance

    After all moss is removed and the roof is cleaned, we will apply our eco-friendly anti-moss solution to eliminate the immediate regrowth of moss. Our anti-moss solution is:

    • Eco-friendly and 100% safe for the environment
    • Pet-friendly & hypoallergenic
    • Plant & garden friendly
    • Will not cause any discolouration

    The solution is applied in a controlled manner to the moss affected areas. We guarantee a moss-free roof for 2-3 years, and possibly longer depending on the location and surrounding environment.

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