About Us

OutShine has been offering all cleaning services throughout Vancouver Island for over eight years. We are experienced and well equipped to complete any cleaning projects.
Over the years we have remained busy by "word to mouth" referrals, without ever having to advertise on a website, phone book, brochure or newspaper ads. That said, in this day and age with so much competition out there, we felt that online advertising would be key to meet new clients, grow as a company and as well as keep our valued clients apprised of our services.

We have a phenomenal team that is professional and very experienced as we have cleaned it all over the years. We treat our clients with honour, dignity and respect.

Our goal is to always have a good respectful relationship with our clients and be recognized as a respected cleaning company on Vancouver Island.

At Outshine Exteriors, we are proud to call ourselves professional cleaners. In fact, we don't just take pride in our work, we love what we do and enjoy the satisfaction that our clients get after the job is complete.

Thank you for your business.
OutShine Exteriors LTD.